Limestone Cowboy

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Inspired by real events, but a thoroughly loony departure from reality, this crazed comedy unfolds the campaign for Malta’s prime minister of deluded 55-year-old Karist (Paul Portelli). Director Mallia mounts a bizarre cavalcade of rallies in which balloons and banners fly, and an enormous American flag flutters provocatively behind the amateur candidate: bald, heavily bearded, appearing more like a grizzled old prospector than a cowboy, as he declares his alliance with the U.S. The crowd roars, but in derision at this strange standup act, and Karist’s uptight son John (Davide Tucci) plots to have him committed to an asylum. Three generations of back-story unfold, starting from Karist’s troubled childhood.

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Upcoming screenings

CHICAGO, US• Siskel Film Center • 29th March 2019

CHICAGO, US • Siskel Film Center • 4th April 2019

MALTA, EUROPE • Eden Cinemas • opens 19th April 2019

NEW YORK, US • Museum Of the Moving Image • 5th May 2019

NEW YORK, US • Bohemian National Hall • 7th May 2019

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, CARIBBEAN  • Movie Towne Theatre • opens 15th May 2019

BERLIN, GERMANY • Delphilux • 26th November 2019


Feature Film • In Maltese & English Language with English Subtitles • Shot in Malta • Produced by Take 2 Entertainment in collaboration with the Malta Film Fund • Malta cinema release April 2019 •


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