I was born in Italy in the town of Sora, lived for a few years in Isola Del Liri and at a young age, moved to Malta with my mother and father. Italian culture and traditions run deep in my blood and I am very proud of who I am today. I’m also very fond of the memories I have from my time in Italy and all the beautiful summers spent in Malta & Gozo’s beautiful beaches.

Whenever I allow myself to have some time off you can generally find me in some remote beach hanging from a coconut tree with a machete attached to my waist. Very curious and adventurous by nature, I love exploring and experiencing new cultures – from surfing in Australia’s southern waters to working out in Santa Monica, to eating my favourite dishes (all of them) at my grandma’s house back in Italy – I truly believe that traveling is an invaluable tool for anyone – actor or not.

Whether I’m adventuring into a new country, walking through my favourite city for the hundredth time, or working on a new character that enables me to find out things I did not know about me or acquire skills and knowledge I did not have before, I like to think of myself as an explorer.

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