I was born in Italy in the town of Sora, lived for a few years in Isola Del Liri and at a young age, moved to Malta with my mother and father. Italian culture and traditions run deep in my blood and I am very proud of who I am today. I’m also very fond of the memories I have from my time in Italy and all the beautiful summers spent in Malta & Gozo’s beautiful beaches.

Whenever I allow myself to have some time off you can generally find me in some remote beach hanging from a coconut tree with a machete attached to my waist. Very curious and adventurous by nature, I love exploring and experiencing new cultures – from surfing in Australia’s southern waters to working out in Santa Monica, to eating my favourite dishes (all of them) at my grandma’s house back in Italy – I truly believe that traveling is an invaluable tool for anyone – actor or not.

Whether I’m adventuring into a new country, walking through my favourite city for the hundredth time, or working on a new character that enables me to find out things I did not know about me or acquire skills and knowledge I did not have before, I like to think of myself as an explorer.

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Monday. New week. New opportunities to make those goals a reality. 💪🏼💪🏼 #trainharder



Malli jdoqqu id-9PM, il-qniepen jghamlu din-DON!din-DON! 🔔😂 Lesti ghall-epizodju ta llejla? 🕷️🕷️



Sea side munchkin strolls ❤️



🇮🇹 Stasera vi portiamo in spiaggia! 🇲🇹 Illejla nihdukhom il-bahar! 🌊🌅



Illejla epizodju iehor mis-7 stagun! 🕷️Intant il-Brimbu jixtieq jghidilkom li DBA Entertainment ser jorganizzaw event 🔥 fejn intom ser tkunu tistghu issegwu l-ahhar zewg episodji mis-seba' stagun flimkien mal-cast ta' Division 7, gimaghtejn qabel jintwera fuq ONE! 🕷️ Data 🗓️ : Il-Gimgha, 6 ta' Dicembru 2019 🕷️ Hin ⏰ : 7pm 🕷️ Post 🐯 : L-ARKA TA' NOÉ 🕷️Eta 🎂 : 15+ 🕷️ Prezz 💰 : 20€ il-persuna (il-prezz jinkludi, 18 finger food items 🍗 u parking b’xejn 🚗.. first come first served!!). 🕷️ Il-biljetti 🎟️ tistghu takkwistawhom minn ~ Carabella Outlet Hamrun & Valletta / L-Arka taʼ Noè, Siggiewi / Acomodel SWD Malta , Lija / Angelo Aquilina, triq Turu Rizzo, Gzira / Claire's Hairsalon, Swatar / Maya's modern art, Zabbar. 🕷️ Ticket Hotline 99648923/ 79318886. 🕷️ Ejjew halli flimkien niccelebraw l-isbah zewg episodji mis-sitta u disghin episodju li intwerew s'issa! Grazzi ta' l-appogg kontinwu taghkom, u nfakkrukom li n-numru ta' persuni ghal dan l-event huwa limitat. Min irid jibbukkja il-biljetti minn issa, jista' jibghat private message fuq il-pagna Facebook ta DIVISION 7! 😜🤙🏼



Missing them summer days I seldom got to enjoy. I need more of this! 🔥💦☀️ #SummerLovin



🕷️🕷️ ILLEJLA 7/7/7 🕷️🕷️



Whoops! 🇲🇹 Diego fl-ahhar ma felahx izomm il-verita gewwa! 🇮🇹 Diego non ha potuto piu mantenere il segreto! 😪🙊 #lgharusa



Had a fantastic time in Gozo talking about acting and being an actor with the students of the Bishop's Conservatory Secondary School on their career day along some of Malta's pioneers in their respective industry. Thank you for having me. 🙏🏼😉 . 📸@renorapa



🇲🇹 Illejla @lgharusa_drama_official jkompli fuq! 😉 🇮🇹 Questo pomeriggio @lgharusa_drama_official ritorna sui vostri schermi, solo su! 😜 Here's a few behind the scenes from a previous episode!

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